Registration Tips

1. You will first be prompted to create an account. Please retain this information. You will need it each season moving forward. 

2. Your player's birth date will determine which division(s) they qualify for. League age can be determined here.

3. During registration, you will have the option to verify your residency by school or home. It will ask you to upload a picture to show proof. For school, please upload a copy of your player's report card. The School Enrollment Form is NOT necessary. If you select home, a document verifying your address, such as a driver's license, utility bill or insurance document, will be accepted.
Note: If you select home and it returns that you are outside the league's boundaries, please confirm residency using school.

4. If you plan to volunteer as a manager or coach, you will be required to verify a series of questions along with upload a picture of your driver's license so that a background check can be completed. Providing state clearances and/or training certificates are not required in order to volunteer.

5. You will have the option to opt-out of the Lucky Lotto fundraiser for $100.

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